Making of a silverpoint


1. You need a 2 mm cluch pencil.     



Clutch pencil by AMAZON (please click on picture)


2. Get 2 mm thick silver wire (999 fine silver)  at :


3. Cut a 5 cm long piece from the wire.


4.  Grind the two ends of the wire into shape. (Abrasive paper 180-220 grit).


5. There are 3 different possibilities of grinding:


a) Grind one end of the wire to a point (for outlines, hatching and cross-hatching.



b) Grind the other end of the wire to a rounding (for shading by circular or parallel movements).




c) Grinding of a bevel (this can be used to create wide or narrow lines with one tip - depending on the pen position.





Abrasive board  (please click on image)



A pencil case (here: made of cherry wood) is recommended for storing the silverpoint.







 Pen case at AMAZON (Please click on image)