Modern drawing aids



Light box / Light panel / Light table

for copying and transferring drawings.

There are also professional versions which are integrated in a drawing table.


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Graphic monitor

Graphic artists today use, among other things, a graphic monitor with a drawing pen.
Drawing is done directly on the graphics screen.

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Photos or drawings are processed on the computer and then projected onto the screen or wall with this device. The contours are last drawn or transferred with a pen.

Powerful projectors are suitable for creating contour drawings for large-format wall paintings or frescoes.



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Episcope / Epidiascope

for the projection of photo originals / drawings on the wall or drawing surface.

A special form of the episcope is the epidiascope.

It allows the projection of photo originals / drawings as well as slides with a device.





It is also a special form of the episcope for the vertical projection of photo originals or drawings directly onto the drawing surface, which is attached to an adjustable gallows.

Until the 1980s, the antiscope belonged to the standard equipment of graphic artists.



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Slide projector

for projection of slides onto a screen.

Especially in the 1950s until the 1970s it was often used by the artists of photorealism.

In the meantime, the device was almost completely replaced by the beamer.




Overhead projector / Daylight projector

for the projection of drawings and photos on the wall, which have previously been
on transparent film or copied it.

 the overhead projector is only available in isolated cases or second-hand





Optical redrawing device - tracer (LUCIE)

A photo or 3D template or a transparent template (e.g. slides) is projected from below onto a glass plate with high-quality optics. This image can then be "traced". In this way, you can transfer fonts, images, logos, etc. onto a sheet of transparent paper or enlarge and reduce them quite easily and above all steplessly.

The device is only available used.