Strech and prime the paper

To prevent the drawing paper from curling after priming, it must first be streched:

1. Take 4 strips of gummed watercolour wet adhesive tape

    and cut it off, a little longer than the 4 edges of the


2. Strech the drawing paper onto a smooth wood or 

    coated white smooth chipboard by gluing the water-

    colouradhesive tape along the edges of the paper

    1/3 and 2/3 to the wood board. Start with one long side,

    then the opposite long side and finally the two short


   (see illustration)


3. Some artists wet the paper slightly with a sponge

    before streching it on the backside, so that it can still

    expand a little before it is streched.

4. Then apply the slightly creamy primer to the paper with

     a sponge in circular movements. If the primer is thin,  

     apply several coats, each of which dries. If you use


   wide brush (instead of a sponge), apply the primer crosswise. Alternatively, a foam paint roller can also be used.

5. Allow paper to dry (or dry quickly with a hair dryer if necessary).

6. After drying, remove the adhesive tape again, or use the rubberized adhesive tape with water and brush and remove it.

    Some artists do not remove the tape, because it is behind a passe-partout disappears.

7. If you don't have watercolor tape to hand, you can also use painter's masking tape from the hardware store. However, it is less easy to

    remove. If the painter's crepe can no longer be removed without loss, you can cut the edge off. Some artists also leave the border

    behind the passe-partout disappear.